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Bright-Mann Contracting, Inc. is a team of highly skilled concrete, masonry, and hardscape craftsmen who are committed to making sure all the details of a project are accurately handled.


Matthew Fulbright

Matthew Fulbright grew up working in the landscape industry for summer work in high school. He studied Horticulture from 1990 - 1993 at both Meramec Community College, and at South County Technical Institute. After returning from college, he immediately began working in the industry again for several local landscape conntractors. He formed Bright-Mann Contracting in Jan 1997. Matthew has 25 years of experience in landscape/hardscape design, planting and retaining wall construction. He has 20 years of experience in masonry design and construction, and 18 years of experience in concrete design and construction. He has an extensive knowledge of concrete and mortar mix designs, admixtures, and applications. He is a member of the American Concrete Institute, and is the President and CEO of Bright-Mann Contracting, Inc.

Matt Millikan

Matt came to Bright-Mann in 2002 after having worked as a laborer with a local home builder. He quickly proved to be a great example of untapped potential. He was made a foreman in 2003 and was placed on a fast track training program. Over the next several years, he learned everything the owners knew about our work scope, and became extremely proficient and in all of our field services. By 2006, Matt had earned the rank of lead foreman, and was handed the most difficult and challenging projects that we acquired. In 2007, he was promoted to Director of Operations and was given the responsibility of overseeing all field work. His personal culture is of excellence in everything he does, and his projects show this. Matt has now completed approximately 1,000 concrete and masonry projects at Bright-Mann Contracting, Inc.